Sunday, November 9, 2008

Draft - Wednesday Night 10/12 7pm

The 2008-2009 Babo DIII Basketball Fantasy Draft will occur Wed night @ 7pm in B1. If you aren't here you will be forced to pick a team from the available players left. I will update this blog every week or so, and I will also post the draft results on here. Also any Free Agent acquisitions must be posted to the blog. Remember when doing your research that this will be Rotisserie Style... the categories will be POINTS, REBOUNDS, ASSISTS AND 3-POINTERS MADE. We have decided to leave out Steals and Blocks because it is rare to find someone in D3 averaging more than 2-2.5 a game. So we felt these 4 categories would be strong enough. Remember you can only pick players from teams that are in New England. Also we are planning to have 8 Rounds.


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