Monday, November 17, 2008


I think its funny that all these so called experts that came into the draft with their detailed lists with stats broken down now have to make additions and subtractions from their team less than a week into the season. Get a grip. Everyones wasting their time, did nobody see Hoosiers? An all-white team that sticks to the fundamentals will reign supreme. All of you guys selected me-me guys, really wanna build a franchise around some hoodlum with cornrows... good luck

remember this was the winning formula
Round Criteria

1 Name that started with an S
2 First guy named John (nice hoosier type name)
3 White kid that thinks hes black
4 Best haircut
5 Blonde hair blue eyes
6 Best available player on d3 baseball champion trinity
7 Team had to start with a C
8 Jump-shooter like Jimmy from Hoosiers (team unity)

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