Monday, November 17, 2008

Bob Barr 08

You're right Barton, I didn't vote for McCain.  He's an american hero and a complete idiot.  But to suggest that I support the next Fidel Castro and leader of the self imposed Civilian National Security Force similar to the actoins of hitler, is insulting and enraging.

I also would like to say that this league has a regular season limit of 160 GAMES.  This means that if your games column has a 6, that you have used up 6 of the available 160 games.  When you add a player that players previous games will not be added to your 160 nor will their previous stats be added to your totals.

That being said, congrats to Plymouth State on the early lead even though he has an astounding 10 games played.  Another big conratulations to Juicy Campus for holding down last place with honor, and also our second biggest loser, Suffolk Rams.  With a name like that school you deserve last by yourself.  Another astounding feat is team Late Night in an amazing 3rd place despite drafting himself in the 3rd round.  Maybe this kid knows what he's doing.

The only other thing I would like to say (besides for Barton to go fuck himself) is HAMIDOU SOUMARE!! 28pts, 15 rbs.  From the great nation of MALI!!  I may trade him for Norm de Silva straight up!  He's THAT GOOD!!

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